About Us - Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry

Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry is a full service Coin dealer, Bullion trader, Diamond buyer, Watch buyer, Currency dealer and the best CASH FOR GOLD business in the Sacramento valley. When you come to us with your gold, silver, and platinum jewelry we are experts and will separate the jewelry by karat, weigh each item, if there are any extras we can pay for we will pay for those as well, example of extras are diamonds and popular jewelry brands. We are the area’s largest Diamond buyer specializing in large diamonds, but we buy all size diamonds and have a certified gemologist on staff to properly evaluate the stone by its size color and clarity.
Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry is Sacramento and Placer county’s #1 Jewelry & coin buyer to not only the general public but to over 40 jewelry buyers, jewelry stores, pawn brokers, coin dealers and antique dealers. We are very aggressive with our purchase offers, we will make sure you know exactly how we break down the pricing of your coins and jewelry and we pride ourselves on being the #1 buyer in the area, so there is really no need to price shop, but if you feel the need please shop us last.
Finding a honest and fair coin & currency dealer, jewelry buyer, bullion trader, diamond buyer, watch buyer is a lot like finding a Doctor, mechanic, or contractor you just don’t let anyone do the work unless you have confidence in that person that they are fair, honest or will do the job right you stick with them forever and refer your friends and family, that is why we stand far apart from all our competition. So give us a chance to earn your trust and business, We are sure once you see how fair and friendly we are you will have confidence knowing you made the right choice by doing business with us in one of our safe establishes locations.
We take pride in our 5 star rating of both Google and Yelp, please read the revues for yourself!!!

> 10k, 14K, 18K, 21K, 22K, 24k gold or white gold jewelry
> Sterling Silver .925
> Sterling silver flatware or tea sets
> Silver jewelry
> Dental gold
> Diamonds all shapes and sizes
> High end watches, pocket watches
> Gold watches
> Placer gold and nuggets
> Numismatic coins and rare coins
> Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins
> Gold, Silver and Platinum Bars
> Coin Collections
> Currency
> Estate Jewelry
> Foreign coins and currency
> Scrap gold, scrap silver, earrings, chains, rings, wedding bands, damaged gold silver or platinum jewelry, unwanted kinked chains, mismatched earrings, necklace, bracelet, cocktail ring, class ring, engagement ring, brooches, medals, lockets, charms, pendants, gold watches, silver watches, cuff links if it’s made of a precious metal gold, silver or platinum we buy it.