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Find the spot price for gold and silver in Sacramento, CA. Take advantage of investment opportunities with our competitive prices and rates. Invest in precious metals today.

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Get top dollar for your gold and silver items. Our local buyers can give you cash for your dental gold, silverware, and scrap.

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Looking to buy or sell coins nearby in Sacramento, California? We offer cash for old, foreign, and rare coins. Our shop is the best place to get an appraisal and find buyers and collectors.

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Buy & Sell your gold and silver for the best price. Find great deals on coins, bullion, watches, and jewelry. We buy and sell estate items, diamonds, and silverware in Sacramento County.

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Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry is a locally owned small business run by married couple, Chad & Riley Declute, who live near by. With a vision of becoming a pillar of the community, Chad spent years learning the specifics and becoming an expert in the Gold & Silver business focusing on fair and trustworthy interactions with valued customers. Riley is invaluable, keeping the internet sales and purchases, merchandising, and customer appreciation programs running smoothly. We invite you to come visit our shop at the corner of Madison Ave. and Sunrise Blvd. in Fair Oaks, to experience the comfortable and trustworthy experience of our coin & precious metals shop. We encourage you to make a  free call for detailed information any time.

Happy Customers Reviews

Ted Dason

Google Local Guide

Awesome location! It is great to know I have a Local Coin Shop who I could sell ALL of my gold and silver to at a great price in the event of an emergency. He always has good coins/bars/nuggets and also jewelry for both my wife and I to enjoy the visit. I trust him over any jeweler.

The most fair rates in Sac. Honest guy. Really knowledgeable about silver. My favorite place to buy silver bullion. I've gone to other local Sacramento shops I like a small few of them too, but this one is always consistent rates and again honest.

Margeaux L.

Google Review

Joshua Burke

Google Local Guide

The most fair coin shop around the area. I buy AND sell silver depending on whatever week, and these guys cut out all the bs. Great place for slackers or collectors or just traders

The guys at Gold Rush are very friendly & professional, and I received a good price for my silver. I could not have asked for a smoother transaction. Highly recommended!

Matt McNamara

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We have an extensive selection of high quality Gold & Silver available in Coins, Bullion, & Jewelry at amazing prices.

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You work hard to create a nest egg. Precious Metals are a guaranteed way to maintain the wealth you have accumulated.

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If you need some quick cash for old jewelry, watches, or diamonds, we can help. Stop buy to purchase incredible jewelry at unbeatable prices.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy gold coins or gold bars?

Gold & Silver bullion bars are a time proven way to preserve wealth in quantity, however, for on a per unit basis gold & silver coins may have a higher value depending on the mint, condition and variety.

Where do you get the best price for gold?

Buying precious metals from a local coin shop is your best choice. An investigative report found that online purchasing options cost more on average. The base pricing may be attractive, however, the hidden fees of markups and shipping can significantly add to the realized cost of your purchase. Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry has served the Sacramento community for nearly 2 decades with the continuously best pricing around.

Are there downsides to buying precious metals?

Gold & Silver have proven over thousands of years to be an incredibly stable and certain way to hold value. Some argue that other more speculative investments may yield higher returns, however, you can be certain that you will never lose the entire investment into precious metals and maintain your assets. They are easily convertible into liquid currency in any market.

Do banks sell gold or silver?

It is very rare that banks ever sell precious metals. Typically if they do it is on a large scale institutional level. Purchases of gold or silver are best handled at your local precious metals dealer shop. Pricing is current on a daily basis and you will avoid large processing and shipping fees.

Can I buy gold for $100?

Yes. Gold in any size has value, however, with current market rates it may be challenging to find size denominations that match that investment level. With $100 to invest it may be wise to consider buying silver which will allow 1oz coins to fit your budget easily.

How to buy gold for the first time?

Investing in gold & silver for the first time may initially seem daunting, however, Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry makes the transition seemless. You can buy coins, bullion, and other collector specialty items with varying cost levels, purity and size level options. Call or come by today for a free professional consultation.

How much should I pay for gold/silver per ounce?

Precious metal values change every day. Give us a call or stop by Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry to find the most current pricing for the market. Rest assured we provide a large selection of high quality investment options at the best prices available.

Should I own physical gold or Silver?

Gold & Silver are known as some of the most stable investment options available. For thousands of years precious metals have always been desired for their stable storage of value. Investing in gold & silver can be a good hedge against market fluctuations. Many people use precious metals as a safe way to keep their money safe in uncertain market conditions.

Is it better to buy 14K or 18K gold?

When buying gold the K represents karats. Pure gold is 24K. When considering the purchase of gold, the higher the purity the more the value. 14K gold for example if 14 parts out of a 24 part possibility being 58.3% pure. 18K gold is 75% pure. The higher the K rating, the more value it has. However, many jewelry pieces have other metals to create a more rigid structure because gold tends to be soft and bend easily. Come by with your jewelry and we will be happy to explain exactly how this works.

Do banks accept gold for cash?

The short answer is no. In nearly all situations, banks will not exchange precious metals for cash. The good news is that Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry is available 6 days a week to buy your gold, silver, & jewelry for cash on the spot. Call us now or stop by today at the corner of Madison & Sunrise to find out exactly how much cash you can get on the spot.