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Buy and Sell Gold or Silver Coins

Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry is the place to go in Sacramento County to sell your your gold and silver coins. Whether you have one coin or a whole collection, if it is 40% silver to 90% silver, we buy it all.

Cash on the spot and paying the highest prices in Sacramento Valley.

We Give The Best Deals On Silver and Gold Coins

WE ARE INTERESTED IN ALL COINS: Buying Complete Collections or Accumulations of Coins, Silver Coins, Mexican Pesos and Gold Pieces, U.S. Gold, Silver Rounds and more.

Half Cents Small Cents Flying Eagle (1856-58) Indian Head (1859-1909) Indian Head 1859-1879 Indian Head 1880-1909
Lincoln Wheat Pennys 1909-1939 Lincoln Wheat Pennys 1940-1958 Mixed Lots
Large Cents Early (1793-1796) Draped Bust (1796-1807) Classic Head (1808-1814) Coronet Head (1816-1839) Braided Hair (1840-1857) Other
2, 3 & 20 Cents Shield Nickels (1866-1893) Liberty Nickels (1883-1913) Buffalo Nickels (1913-1938) Jefferson Nickels 1938-1964
Dimes Half Dimes Bust Dimes (1796-1837) Seated Liberty Dimes (1837-1891) Barber Dimes (1892-1916)
Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) Mercury Dimes 1916-1931 Mercury Dimes 1934-1945 Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964
Quarters Bust Quarters (1796-1838) Seated Liberty Quarters (1838-1891) Barber Quarters (1892-1916) Standing Liberty Quarters (1916-1930) Washington Quarters (1932-1964)
Halves Early Halves (1794-1839) Seated Liberty Halves (1839-1891) Barber Halves (1892-1915) Liberty Halves Walking Halves (1916-1947) Walking Halves (1916-1940) Walking Halves (1941-1947) Franklin Halves (1948-1963)
Dollars Early Dollars (1794-1804) Seated Liberty Dollars (1840-1873) Trade Dollars (1873-1885) Morgan Dollars (1878-1921) Peace Dollars (1921-1935)
Colonial Commemorative Early Modern 1982-1994 1995-Now Mixed Lots Errors
Gold $1, $3, $4 $2.50, Quarter Eagle $5, Half Eagle $10, Eagle $20, Double Eagle Fractional, Pioneer Mixed Lots
Mint Sets Proof Sets 1936-1942 Proof Sets 1950-1964 Proof Sets 1965-1998 Proof Sets 1999-Now Mixed Lots Rolls Other Coins
BULLION Gold Platinum Silver

Items We Buy

Old US Coins, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Rare Valuable Coins, Mexican Pesos and Gold Pieces, Coin Collections, American Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands - Pandas, Morgan Dollars, Proofs and Proof Sets, Uncirculated Coins, Rare Coins, Slabs and Rated Coins

Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry is Sacramento's premier location to buy and sell Gold, Silver, Platinum, Jewelry, Coins, Diamonds, Gems and more. Whether it's new, old, broken, scrap or unwanted gold, silver, platinum, rare or collectible coins or proof sets, we buy it all and pay top dollar. Customer service is #1 no matter if you're the first time seller, buyer, or long term investor or collector.

Find out what it's worth

We Invite You To Come Down To Our Store With All Of Your:
  • GOLD
  • BARS
Estate Items too!

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What our Customer's say

We are the best and top rated gold buyer and seller in Sacramento County! Read our reviews:

Cory L.
"Great, fast service! These guys are top notch. They advertise highest price paid for gold and they mean it! We went to those places in the Mall before we went here and were offered laughable amounts for our gold. These guys gave us what we were expecting and then some!"
·   ·   ·
Danika M.
"Great experience...they gave me a great price for what I was selling ...fast, easy and highest payers ...its a WIN!
·   ·   ·

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Get Your Money on the Spot

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