Congrats to Kenny Clayton the first winner of the Gold Rush give away!

10612817_683710821698493_8831681727124066511_nCongrats to Kenny Clayton the first winner of the Gold Rush give away! He won a one ounce American Eagle silver coin!

“I would like to thank Gold Rush Coin & Jewelry for the 2014 American Silver Eagle Coin they sent me, I just went in there to look at what they carry. Gold Rush sold my good friend an exquisite diamond for his wife, for their 25th anniversary. My friend got a great deal. Gold Rush carries lots of different things, like loose Diamonds, Watches, Gold and Silver Coins, Broaches and lots of other stuff. Just stop by one of their stores and look around. The staff is very nice and very knowledgeable about their products. And while you’re there, fill out a card so you too can be a winner!” – Kenneth Clayton

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We’re opening a second store! Gold Rush #2 in Granite Bay, CA!

We’re opening a second store!!! Grand Opening on Monday the 1st of September. Just 5 days to go! (Gold Rush #2 is in Granite Bay on corner of Douglas Blvd and Sierra College Blvd. See link below.)

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Prices you should expect to get for your bullion!


Phil:                 What would we expect for a bullion if we’re going to go sell it?

Sal:                  Well, that’s a good question Phil. I’ll tell you exactly what you can expect for your bullion. If you had generic rounds, or you had generic forms of gold, such as … expect to get 98 percent on that stuff. If it’s government issue American eagles, you could expect to get spot or above spot on that. If it is government issue of American eagles that are proofs, you can expect to get over that, but you need to have the box and papers. It’s really important to have the box and papers. If you have just the coin, it’s just going to be treated as the bullion form and you’re not going to do so.

If you have generic, like a 100-ounce bar that you don’t know who made it, but it’s stamped and it is pure silver, you can expect a dollar back on that as well. If you have a JM or Engelhard 100-ounce bar, you’re probably going to get back a spot, but it could be as much as $1.00 or as little as $0.50 back. If you have graded American eagles that are slab, they’re popular to some people. They’re more of an eBay item, but you can expect to get over stock on those as well. Pamp Suisses, Krugerrands, maple leafs, you’re going to get under spot on those, about 98 percent as well. All your tube eagles, you’re going to get over spot or spot on that.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Either hit us up on our Facebook, or hit us up on the web or call us at our store. Thank you.


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Here are a few good pointers when hunting for silver!


Phil:                 What are you doing playing with all that silver?

Sal:                  Phil, are you filming?

Phil:                 No.

Sal:                  Seriously?

Phil:                 Yeah, okay, I’m serious.

Sal:                  I need the intro stuff. Man, we’re …

Phil:                 You’re not a movie star no more. Come on, come on.

Sal:                  Okay, we’re talking about silver today, sterling silver in particular. A lot of times, people come in, and they go, “Oh, hey, we’ve got some silver plate,” and that’s silver plate. Like, if it says silver or silversmith or something like that, it’s not sterling silver. If it says sterling on it, it’s sterling silver, generally. You can have it where it doesn’t have sterling on it and have an identifying mark like the lion with its paw raised, a crown with all kinds of … like 900 or 800. Those are signs of … 925, that’s all signs for silver.

Phil:                 What if it says coin on it?

Sal:                  Coin silver would be either 900 or 800 silver, and yes, that would be silver.

Phil:                 Depending on where it’s coming from. If it was European, it’s 800.

Sal:                  Yeah, it could actually even come from Mexico. It would be 720 coin silver, so I’ve seen it. Bring it in to an expert. Have it analyzed and figure it out from there, but you could do a lot of the work yourself by looking at the number, seeing if it’s 925, 900, 800, or if it has sterling written on it. If it says silver plate or silversmith or Rogers or something, it’s not going to be good.

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Introducing the one and only Red Book!


Phil:                 Dad. Hey Dad.

Sal:                  What Phil? I’m reading.

Phil:                 We’re in the middle of a video right now.

Sal:                  Oh. I was reading the Red Book. The Red Book is probably the most informative book you could possibly have on American coins. It gives you the mint marks, years, how many were made, weights, everything for the composition of the coin. Anything you want to know about our US coin is in here. It also has some other stuff in here, tokens and things like that as well.

Very, very good book. Very user friendly. I recommend getting the spiral bound book versus the hardback book, it’s just easier to look at. Especially when you’re looking at a coin, trying to get all the information off of it.

People also come in and say, “Well Red Book says it’s worth this much.” The Red Book’s a reference, it’s not an absolute bible of what the things going to be worth because coin values and silver and gold values change daily. They already have the 2015 out and we’re in 2014 so there’s no possible way we can understand what the price of gold or silver will be so how do we know what the reference is.

It’s just a reference guide, it’s an absolute guide but it does give you all the key information you need. The Red Book is a must have for anybody. It’s worth like $15. You can buy on Barnes and Noble, you can buy it from me for 15 bucks but definitely get the Red Book if you have some coins.

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